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About Varnell & Warwick

Our law firm strives to protect the Little Guy. Truth is, once you shine a light on corporate wrongdoing, consumer manipulation and abuse of power, justice still prevails. We use the class action device along with consumer protection laws and complex litigation strategies to combine the strength of consumers together to stand up for what is right. We are one of the only firms in the state of Florida dedicated exclusively to consumer protection and we have been recognized for our expertise. I have been named the 2009 Consumer Lawyer of the Year by the National Association of Consumer Advocates, the 2018 Trial Lawyer of the Year by the Public Justice Foundation and the 2019 Consumer Protection Lawyer of the Year by the Florida Bar. We are ready to level the playing field for consumers.

CEO & Founder of Varnell & Warwick


Our legal system still sides with truth and we have laws to protect consumers against even the biggest corporate giants. We use the class action rule along with other complex litigation tools to combine the strength of consumers together to stand up for what is right.  This way, we help all consumers and not just the ones who walked through our door.


Our experience protecting consumers allows us to work with lawyers and judges across the United States to stop corporate abuse and obtain recoveries for millions of consumers.  We have a history of success in even the toughest cases because we fight for the right reasons.


We know injustice when we see it, and we know how to defeat it without resorting to underhanded tactics. We fight hard to protect the little guy. If you need us, we would be proud to fight for you too.