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We Co-Counsel Consumer Cases Throughout The United States.

Consumer rights violations comprise a wide range of grievances and damages, everything from defective brakes to predatory lending to stock market swindles. Cases like these can seem awfully intimidating, especially when you’re up against a corporate fortress with the power and money to dominate the game.


At Varnell & Warwick, we don’t care how big they are or what kind of a stronghold they think they have. We put the law on your side, utilizing expert tactics to outmaneuver even the most egregious corporate conduct.

Consumer Fraud

Varnell & Warwick goes after manufacturers, auto dealers, finance companies, insurance companies, banks, construction firms, mortgage companies, rental companies and others to secure the rights of consumers against even the largest titans of industry.

Unfair and Deceptive Trade Practices

Varnell & Warwick has vast experience challenging companies that intentionally develop business strategies designed to victimize consumers. When these unfair and deceptive practices take money out of consumer’s pockets Varnell & Warwick works hard to put that money back. Varnell & Warwick has been responsible for obtaining millions of dollars in relief for consumers across the county.

Environmental Protection

All too often companies place profit above responsibility. This is particularly true when it comes to the environment. Companies who destroy land, water and our precious eco-systems in violation of the Clean Water Act and other laws designed to protect the environment have been brought to justice by Varnell & Warwick.

Defective and Dangerous Products

Cutting corners in the manufacturing process or failing to adequately test a product before bringing it to market often leads to defective and dangerous products being sold to consumers. Varnell & Warwick works with some of the most well known product defect lawyers in the country when the defect is certifiable as a class action.

Securities Fraud

We protect the rights of investors who have lost money due to deceptive practices by corporations and their governing officers. We hold accountable companies that misstate earnings, debts and other material information in order to manipulate stock prices and deceive investors.

Denial of Civil Rights

Race, gender, religion and other factors remain the basis for many civil and constitutional rights violations by employers, insurance companies, financial lenders, law enforcement agencies and government bodies. The firm of Varnell & Warwick demands equality and fairness for all people, and punishes those seeking to deny civil rights and liberties on any level.

Unfair Employee Compensation

If you’ve worked in excess of 40 hours a week and have not been compensated for overtime, your employer may be in violation of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. Many employers seek a way around fair compensation by attaching titles to a job, such as assistant manager or loan officer, that they believe will exempt them from having to pay appropriate overtime pay. These devices are not only illegal, they are actionable. There are laws in place that can provide workers with the back-pay they deserve. If even a single employee is willing to stand up for their rights, the company will be forced to fairly compensate all employees in the future.

Antitrust Violations

Some companies engage in behaviors designed to squash their competition and dictate costs, such as price-fixing and consumer allocation. Whether deliberate or inadvertent, such practices can lead to the ruination of competing businesses and adversely impact both employees and consumers. If you’ve been impacted by corporate antitrust practices, we’re here to help you even the score.